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The Portal of Perception series will enliven and inspire your own unique creative project. Through a series of experiences using your multi-dimensional senses, we will enter the portal of Earth magic that is available to us at this time of transformation. This series will assist us in birthing new awareness’s that will lead us across the portal into our own wildly creative imagination.

WOTE essential oils required.

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Cynthia J. Olivera

Cynthia J. Olivera is a World Spirit Guide™️ and the Educational Director at Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils. Cynthia, a medicine woman and sage, teaches people to use medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns for dynamic self-healing. As the director and founder of the Inner Landscape Work™️, a movement/meditation process, she travels internationally to teach plant consciousness to the growing movement of medicinal aromatherapists, meditators, and sacred anointers.

Cynthia is not your usual aromatherapist. Her lineage is built upon a generation of mother curanderos from the Caribbean and backwards in time to high kingdoms of Africa and the Mediterranean. She happily touts her Puerto Ricana roots for her feisty, energetic, and friendly aura; but something deeper emerges when Cynthia plums hidden depths of knowledge with the ‘oils” for her clients and students, as a healer and a teacher of more than 15 years as the Educational Director of Wisdom of the Earth, an international training school and worldwide source of the finest oils…from  ground to grower to Earth Wisdom, and you.

Portals of Perception

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Kat Augustdottir Shuford

Kat Augustdottir Shuford has been at the center of the creative healing realms since her first trip to the study with the Phillipine Psychic Surgeons when she was 19 years old. Now 36 years later she finds herself on the cusp of Cronedom in the midst of assisting others in igniting their passions. She is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and teacher for Wisdom of the Earth, a Shamanic Healer and consults and facilitates women in their process of spiritual actualization. Her Rahw Essence sound and movement work is at the center of her practice where she she champions people to excavate old patterning from the body and

Re-birth themselves through their own sound. She creates ceremonial soundscapes with her husband using Native Instruments and the two have toured the United States facilitating this deep work. Whether she is moving, sounding or painting Kat brings her knowledge and love of the plant and tree essences to her creations. She and Cynthia have been friends for 30 years and together they have each raised 6 young men and facilitated thousands of hours of delicious creative and juicy workshop material for the advancement of conscious creativity.