About Cynthia

About Cynthia

Cynthia Olivera is the Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils.  She is a Master Medicinal Aromatherapist and Spiritual Counselor who uses medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns.  Cynthia travels internationally to teach plant and tree consciousness. She is masterful on leading her students on how to open to the messages they offer to those who are ready to hear from them.  She co-authored “Voices of Light, Voices of Love” with Barry Kapp and Audre Gutierrez.  For Cynthia, staying present in her body and anchored to the Earth has been her greatest challenge, which is why her work in the world for over 30 years has been teaching movement and dance.  

 Cynthia is also the founder and facilitator for Inner Landscape Work Training, a deep movement/meditation method that unlocks past lives, releases pain of the heart, and re-patterns the body to facilitate the ability to love more deeply.  Her workshops in rediscovering the juiciness of life through sacred sensuality, movement, meditation, and heart dreaming are experiential learning environments that allow a shift in personal reality to joyously occur.

This, with the aide of the essences, have helped ground her to Gaia.  She collaborated with Kat Augustdottir-Shuford in the Sacred Sexuality Workshops, and CC Treadway in The Holy Chalice weekends held at WOTE, which gave her an opportunity to teach women about the juiciness of their beings.  Being able to help women love themselves is the hallmark of her work.  Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Music, Essences, Art  and Laughter have been her passions.  This Inner Landscape Work is a download from Spirit and the culmination of her many years as a creative being, movement educator and counselor. 

Cynthia’s mission on Earth is to anchor the Light and help awaken the human consciousness to its true magnificence. Having had her first awakening when she was 13 (on her stoop in Queens, NY), she sought teachers who would bring her to new levels of understanding and has never stopped this quest for authenticity. She has been a truth seeker and metaphysician for over 50 years. 

As a life-long meditator, she has had contact with many Angelic and Extraterrestrial Beings.  She works with these Ascended Beings to bring more awareness and love to Gaia as she moves through her Ascension process.  Working with the plants and trees brings us to a place of true authenticity and helps the Mother Earth to heal.  For years Cynthia has worked with the energies of the Magdalene, Sophia, Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, Gaia, Sekmet, many of the Ascended Masters, and the Plant and Tree Kingdom, to bring balance to the Divine Feminine and Masculine within.  

Our Earth is moving into a higher cosmic template of love. All that is not love must be brought to the surface to be released and healed. It is her privilege and joy to know and serve so many beautiful souls who are here on Earth at this magnificent time of transformation.